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Pet automatic feeder

Pet automatic feeder

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Material: flame retardant plastic
A36 standard
A36 luxury video
Appearance size: length 22 width 33 height 36 cm
Grain bucket capacity: 6L super large capacity suitable for all kinds of dry food
Small serving size: 1 to 39 servings can be set, each serving is 5G (5G to 195G)
Large amount of feed per meal: 1 to 39 servings can be set, 10G per serving (10G to 390G)
Recording function: customizable recording, reminding when feeding time and playing 3 times
Power failure protection: dual power supply.
Features: Priority power supply, smart switch to battery when power off
Accessories: with 3 meters long USB cable

Alkaline batteries can be used for up to 2 years.

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